Sunday, February 19, 2012

Facebook Cripple Fight

Here's my story... 

Apparently, Rosie O'Donnell still has a TV show.  I stopped paying attention to her years ago because I think she is rather obnoxious and ignorant.  Well, recently she had a guest of equal intelligence on her show and they both spewed a ton of ignorance about "Little People."  I know they were not trying to be funny but I often find that level of ignorance slightly entertaining.  Besides, I'd rather emit laughter into the Universe than anger.

Well, a fellow disability rights activist posted this information on his Facebook page along with an angry letter from the Little People of America, who seem to be planning a Rosie protest/boycott.  Another activist followed their lead and was trying to organize a demonstration in front of Rosie's studio.  When I read all these comments by multiple activists and saw how much time and energy they were dedicating to these two knuckleheads, I decided to intervene with the intention of redirecting all of this energy into something more positive.  

I made the suggestion that we all focus this rage into a more productive and positive direction like, "feeding starving children" or buying Rosie a "subscription to Midget Porn."  To my surprise, my suggestions were not received very well by most of those involved in this 'discussion.'  I got accused of being a bigot and a bully.  Rosie and her feeble-minded sidekick made me laugh but the activist who called me a bigot and a bully caused me a full-blown belly laugh attack!  

My point in sharing all this nonsense with you is this...there will always be people who speak out of ignorance.  You have no control over that.  You can only control how you respond.  I would rather respond with humor and give the uneducated a chance to learn instead of getting my panties in a twist.

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