Sunday, February 12, 2012

Participants wanted on “HASH IT OUT WITH JANE” on KUSF-IN-EXILE!

Hi there, friends, fans, and fabulous freaks!  Thank you heaps and butt-loads for listening to my radio show and giving me excellent feed-back.  Keep it coming!  I love learning what you like and don't like, what you want more of as well as less of.  It all helps to make me a better Hostess in putting together an awesome show for you!

Are you ready for a super fun opportunity to participate in “HASH IT OUT WITH JANE” on KUSF-IN-EXILE?  I realize this could get outrageous but I'm willing to take that risk for my awesome listeners.  I am giving all of you permission to be totally nosy and ask me ANYTHING you want.  If I get enough participation, I will read the Q&A's on the show!  Please specify if you want to be anonymous or not.

Direct your questions to:

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!

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