Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have heard of these things called "dull moments" but I am beginning to think that they do not really exist because I have yet to experience one.

This past week was full of adventure for The Gimp Avenger.  I participated in the filming of a music video, helped coordinate a Birthday gathering for my great-niece's 1st Birthday, made new and valuable media contacts, and did plenty of Holistic Vitality Educating.  

Obviously, my disability doesn't get in my way of leading a very full and diverse life.  Self-pity is a waist of time and energy.  I could count on one hand the number of times that I actually thought to myself, "Man, not being able to walk sucks ass."  Well, last night I experienced one of those times.  

It was evening and I had just gotten home from one of the previously mentioned adventures.  It was a long drive home so of course, my first priority was to go to the bathroom!  Since I can't walk, I require someone to actually pick me up and put me on the toilet.  When I'm done, I call for someone to come get me and put me back in my wheelchair.  It is generally a very simple procedure...unless the spring in the doorknob mechanism brakes and locks the bathroom door.  There I sat...locked in the bathroom by myself and assessing the predicament I was in.  The screws to take the doorknob off were on the side facing me.  The screws to take the door off the hinges were on the side facing me.  Plus, the window was locked.  

This was definitely one of those occasions where I was grateful that I know people who can brake into things!  Hooray for potential criminals who use their powers for the greater good like, rescuing The Gimp Avenger!  When I eventually got rescued my feet had not yet gone numb from dangling off the toilet but my ass cheeks sure were sore.

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