Monday, November 12, 2012

Keep Your Religious Dogma To Yourself

Almost every time I leave my house, some smiley stranger approaches me to tell me "Jesus loves you."  I find this to be exceptionally annoying as well as rude...especially when they interrupt me while I'm shopping or conversing with a friend.  The demeanor and facial expressions used by those who willingly deliver this thoughtless statement, tells me that they actually think they are doing a good deed.  They are wrong.

For those who do not understand why the above mentioned behavior is inappropriate, I will explain.  To approach a diverse crowd of people and announce that Jesus loves them would be strange indeed but not particularly rude or offensive.  To single one person out of the crowd though, because you see them as defective aka 'special,' is very rude and offensive.  These perpetrators do not seem to realize that they are judging me...erroneously.  I'm far less defective than those who push their misguided, religious dogma onto others.  

While there is always room for self-improvement, we are still perfect just the way we are.

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