Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Gimp Avenger Asshole Of The Week Award

Hey, Folks!  I have chosen a recipient for "The Gimp Avenger Asshole Of The Week Award" but, I'm going to need your help finding out his name so I can give it to him.
Asshole Of The Week - Cleveland, Ohio
You are probably wondering what this man did to be worthy of such a prestigious award.  Well, the sign he is standing in front of states that that area on the rapid transit is reserved for wheelchairs and strollers.  As my lifelong friend and fellow OI wheelchair-user boarded the bus on her way to work this morning, she nicely asked this man to move so she could park there.  Not only did this man refuse, he told her to "SHUSH!"  This meant that my dear friend, who has brittle bones, had to park her wheelchair in a more high traffic spot where she was at higher risk for being injured. 

If you see this man around Cleveland today, be sure to let him know that he has earned "The Gimp Avenger Asshole Of The Week Award" and I'd love to know his name so I could deliver it to him myself!


  1. I wish fellow passengers would have stepped up to help her. I hope her trip was safe otherwise.

  2. What a great blog (the whole blog, not just this entry!) ! However, I have to tell you, I am so very sad that people like this man still exist in the world today. I thought we were past this. SHUSH?! I would have shushed him one, let me tell you. The signs are there for a reason, I wish people would learn to respect that :(