Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...In August!

Dear Readers, 

Last December I wrote a post about two people with disabilities who were courageously fighting injustices that were being forced upon them.  

Robert Moldenhauer is an Autistic teenager who was being denied a kidney transplant, for a variety of bullshit reasons that all translated to discrimination.

Jenny Hatch is a woman in her late twenties who has Down Syndrome.  Her biological family was not providing a safe and healthy environment for her so Jenny created a life of her own.  She got a job, made friends, and developed a support system so that she could live independently yet with friends.  Well, her biological family had an issue with Jenny's new life and got the state involved which lead to Jenny being sent to a group home...far away from her support system.  

I have not personally met Robert or Jenny.  However, I have spoken with Robert's mother and father more than once throughout this ordeal and helped organize his advocacy team.  I have even exchanged emails with Jenny's biological family because they contacted me and told me to stop advocating on Jenny's behalf because she is better off in a group home.  I let them know that The Gimp Avenger will not be bullied and if they continued to contact me, I'd sue them for harassment.  I may have thrown in a few other descriptive terms but I don't remember exactly.  That was the end of that though.

Fortunately, last week was a victorious week for both Robert and Jenny.  Robert got his new kidney and Jenny got her freedom!  Both of their struggles took way longer than necessary but neither of them gave up.

People with disabilities are the largest minority in the world.  We do not exist to be abused, denied, or ignored.  Also, we are more connected now than ever before because of the availability of the internet, which gives us the ability to advocate for each other and protect each other.  Some of us may lack physical strength while others lack cognitive skills.  My point is, when we all work together, we can either be your inspiration or we can fuck your shit up. 

In closing, I want to thank all our able-bodied allies!  You are appreciated.

The Gimp Avenger

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