Friday, February 7, 2014

Still Proud To Be A Freak

About fifteen years ago, I got my first tattoo. Since then, I acquired four more. Considering the permanency of a tattoo, I put a great deal of thought into each one to make sure that my choices would always accurately represent an element of who I am or at least a milestone in my personal evolution.

My third tattoo was hugely significant to me. It was the word “Freak” which, I proudly showed off to many. It surprised me how often it upset people and the things they would say like, “You should think better of yourself.” That is when I realized that a whole lot of people are not at all comfortable with being different. I think…no, I know I awesome because I am unique. There is nobody else exactly like me. I’m a rare freak of nature who is totally confident and secure with herself. It is not my fault that others have negative feelings attached to the word “freak.”

Then, the unexpected happened. I adopted a holistic lifestyle and lost 17 lbs. This would not be a big deal if I was an average sized person but I’m not. I’m only 2’ 7” tall. Going from 55 lbs to 38 lbs caused some serious freak changes.

I didn’t realize the extent of the matter until I was backstage at a Mickey Avalon concert last year. He asked if I wanted his autograph but I had no paper or anything for him to write on. So, I did what any resourceful woman would do. I whipped my boob out for him to sign. I will never forget what he said at that moment. “I’ll sign right here next to Frank.” That is when I realized that my “Freak” had morphed into “Frank” and that was not acceptable. My beloved “Freak” had to go. 

Mickey Avalon & Jane Hash
photo by Tom Trainer

As I stated earlier, I put a great deal of thought into each tattoo. As badly as I wanted to hide “Frank”, I didn’t want to put any ol’ thing on my body forever. After much contemplation the image I finally decided upon is the face of my sweet furbaby, Bob the Savannah Cat.

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