Friday, August 29, 2014

John Kasich fails disabled and elderly Ohioans

One day this week my PCA (Home Health Aide) got a call on her cell phone while she was on duty at my house. Generally, I prefer my PCA’s do not take personal calls while on duty but I could see such concern wash over her face, I told her to answer it.

My house is small so of course, I heard the conversation that followed. It was my PCA’s other Client calling her to say she had been left abandoned by the PCA who was supposed to provide service to her that day and she was hungry and thirsty…unable to prepare food for herself.

That other PCA is not a criminal. She just didn’t have gas in her car to get to work because she has not been paid since the premature implementation of MyCare Ohio.

Hearing this conversation made my heart sink into my stomach. That could easily be me that was left without basic life sustaining sustenance because my Caregivers have not been paid consistently either due to MyCare Ohio.

Then I started to feel guilty because my PCA has just helped me prepare a delicious organic, gluten-free meatloaf dinner. It made me sick to look at it, knowing someone with similar circumstances was going hungry.

In a Hulk-like transformation, the Gimp Avenger in me came out…pushing emotions aside and formulating a plan-of-action.

Step One: I had my PCA prepare a plate of meatloaf for this disabled stranger (PCA’s are not allowed to disclose their Client’s personal information) and asked her to deliver it to her immediately. I also armed her with contact information for the Universal Healthcare Action Network, which is a nonprofit advocacy group that is intervening to assist victims of MyCare Ohio.

Step Two: Begin drafting a public statement to Governor John Kasich. Prior to the launch of MyCare Ohio Governor Kasich and Greg Moody, Director of the Health and Transformation Office, had a whole lot of wonderful things to say about MyCare Ohio. Once it launched though, they fell silent on the matter. When my statement is completed, I will post it…might possibly make a video as well.

I am not sharing this story with you because I think I deserve a gold star for sharing my dinner with a stranger. I am sharing this story to bring attention to the fact that there are disabled and elderly Ohioans who are likely going without dinner because of MyCare Ohio. That is abuse.


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