Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cannabis Corporation of Ohio

As I was sitting in the square across from the West Side Market in Cleveland today, a woman with a clipboard approached me. She asked if I was a registered voter and I responded affirmatively. Then she asked if I wanted to sign her petition to legalize marijuana.

In the world of cannabis activism, I’m nowhere near as well known as someone like Willy Nelson. However, love me or hate me, cannabis activists in Ohio know who I am. The fact that she didn’t have a clue was an indication that she is not a true cannabis activist.

Our conversation continued like this…

Me: Do you represent ResponsibleOhio?

Petitioner: “No.”

Me: What organization are you petitioning for?

Petitioner: The Blue Team! (she flashed me her blue fanny pack)

Me: The Blue Team?

Petitioner: Yes

Me: Do you have any literature I could read?

Petitioner: Sure!

She reached into her blue fanny pack and pulled out a full color, glossy brochure that clearly had ResponsibleOhio’s logo all over it. I held the brochure up, pointed to the logo, and explained to her that she does represent ResponsibleOhio. She looked at it rather confused.

Not only is she not a true cannabis activist but, I am not certain that she can read.

Then I started firing questions at her about ResponsibleOhio. She had no answers. However, she did make the mistake of telling me, “If this passes, the government will provide marijuana for anyone who needs it for medical reasons.”

That was my breaking point. I heard myself shout something like, “Have you ever needed the government to provide you with any medical necessities?”

When she could no longer handle my interrogation, she finally said something honest.

Petitioner: I’m just doing this for the money.

Her response reinforces my theory that ResponsibleOhio is working toward being the cannabis corporation of Ohio.

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  1. ResponsibleOhio is an assault on Ohio's desperate uninformed voter! Please spread awareness to every media outlet you can!

    Ohio has better legalization option in 2016, DO NOT vote for ResponsibleOhio's monopoly!

    Thank You!