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Making Tea Tree Aromatherapy Ear Candles

Candling Information Sheet

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Candling – Past and Present

·       According to several sources, many ancient civilizations around the globe (Asia, Egypt, Greece, North and South America) have utilized Candling. 
·       It is believed the Hopi were the first to practice this Healing Art in North America, although it was only the Shamans who actually performed Candlings. 
·       The Hopi are also accredited for bringing this healing knowledge to Europe.
·       Candling began as a spiritual cleansing ritual before ceremonies, for many cultures
·       In ancient times, Candles were made out of hollow reeds or rolled leaves.
·       Candling is recognized as a standard medical procedure in most countries today.
·       In the U.K. and other parts of Europe, Candling’s new scientific name is “Thermo Auricular Therapy.”
·       Candling is also known as “Coning.”
·       In the U.S an hour Candling session can cost between $30 - $100
·       In countries that acknowledge Candling as a medical procedure, an hour session can cost $135 or more
·       Many health spas across Europe offer Candling.

How Candling Works

When the Candle is placed in the ear and the opposite end is lit on fire, a chimney effect is created.  When the warm smoke travels throughout the ear canal, it can loosen excess or impacted ear wax.  The warm smoke also triggers reflexology pressure points, which affect the lymphatic system while gently massaging the eardrum and promoting secretion in the frontal and paranasal sinuses.

Possible Benefits Of Candling

·       Improved mental clarity
·       Relief from vertigo
·       Restoration of smell and taste
·       Increased nail and hair growth
·       Regulation of ear pressure
·       Better lymphatic circulation
·       Proper balancing of ear fluids
·       Relief from Catarrh, resulting from nasopharynx problems
·       Balancing of fluids that provoke headaches
·       Hygienic treatment of ear
·       Activates proper ear fluid circulation
·       Can eliminate ringing in ears (Tinnitus)
·       Improved hearing
·       Relief from sinus pressure
·       Soothing to earaches
·       Relief of Glue Ear
·       Promotes relaxation
·       Relief of T.M.J. pain
·       Stimulates lymph system
·       Stimulates metabolism
·       Awareness of parasites
·       Relief of symptoms of Candida
·       Cleanses and harmonizes energy fields
·       Repels negative energies

Does size matter?

Candles come in a variety of sizes.  The longer and stouter Candles require constant trimming of the burnt ash, while a Candling is being performed.  Also, they need to be removed from the ear during a Candling and turned upside down, so residue can be shaken out.  This seems like a whole lot of potentially dangerous bother to me.  With shorter and skinnier Candles, there is no trimming of burnt ash involved.  There is no dumping of residue involved either.  You simply burn it, throw it away and use a second candle.

Which Wax Works Best?

Like most things considered “alternative,” there are those who believe Candling is ineffective and dangerous.  Those who have had a positive Candling experience know better though.  However, the majorities who claim to have had a negative Candling experience seem to have one thing in common.  The Candles that were used were made with beeswax!  While beeswax is a natural substance that is successfully used in many products, it is not the best wax to use in making Candles because it drips!  Paraffin wax is a much safer alternative because it burns clean with no harmful dripping!

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