Saturday, December 17, 2011


I originally wrote this rant in January of this year.

In 2001 the FDA banned the herb ‘comfrey’ from being put into products intended for internal use because two people had died from over using it.  If misused it also could in some cases promote liver malfunction, especially if cirrhosis or other liver disease is already present.  Does this mean we should ignore the fact that comfrey has been effectively used to speed the healing of bruises, broken bones and flesh wounds for centuries?  Should we disregard it as a food even though it is rich in protein, calcium, selenium and several other beneficial nutrients?  It is one of few plants that contain vitamin B12, which is imperative for our bodies to maintain very basic functions.  Did I mention that it also relieves pain?

In 1976 the FDA approved Percocet as a safe medication.  Then in 2009 an advisory panel suggested Percocet and Vicodin be taken off the market because they had been linked to at least 400 deaths.  Yet these drugs are still available today.

Every patient’s needs and conditions are different.  I am not at all implying that there is no need for the above-mentioned drugs.  However, they are seriously over used and misused.  Unfortunately, the reason these drugs are over prescribed is because the pharmaceutical companies are making money off of your illness, plus they make money off all the illnesses that these drugs cause.
If you went to your local health food store and were able to buy comfrey capsules to treat your illness, the big time drug dealers aka pharmaceutical companies would not get their cut.


It sure is a good thing the FDA is looking out for us, isn’t it?  

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