Saturday, June 30, 2012

Episode 30 of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" on KUSF-IN-EXILE - Modern Revolutionary series Part 3 of 3

This week on "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" on KUSF-IN-EXILE, ADAPT representative Sarah Watkins explained why people with disabilities resort to civil disobedience when Medicaid services are threatened.  For many, going to jail for fighting to be an equal citizen who resides in his/her own home is an easier reality to accept than dying in a nursing home.

What does "My Medicaid Matters" mean?  It is less expensive and safer for people with disabilities to live at home instead of an institution.  Medicaid programs, when properly funded, can facilitate this cheaper and safer option.

I am fortunate to live in a state that implements these 'community choice' Medicaid options.  It affords me the ability to live in my own home where I am safe and happy.  When these critical services become threatened, my personal safety is put at risk.  When anyone threatens my personal safety, I take immediate and extreme action.  The following video is my most recent act of civil disobedience.  Thank you Mr. Policeman for your compassion!

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