Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Grog Shop and Mickey Avalon - Excellent Combination

Let's take care of business first, then I'll share my exciting and somewhat embarrassing tale of acting like a star struck teenager when I met Mickey Avalon.  

The Grog Shop, located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is a totally 'Gimp Avenger approved' spot in regard to wheelchair accessibility.  I think anyone using a power wheelchair, manual wheelchair or a scooter would be able to enjoy venues at The Grog Shop.  There are no steps at all.  It is air conditioned and has a totally open floor-plan.  The women's bathroom is fairly spacious as well.  Sorry, I have no input on the men's bathroom...I'm not that kind of girl!  

photo by Tom Trainer
Saturday night was my second visit to The Grog Shop.  This occasion was the Mickey Avalon concert.  I'm not sure if the crowd was scared of me because of my beast of a wheelchair or if they were just being polite.  I'm grateful regardless because they all got out of my way so I could roll right up to the stage.  Mickey put on an awesome show, with the assistance of a super hot and talented stripper who had naturally pretty breasts.  Hooray for natural boobies!  

Mickey is a very personable performer who is not oozing with ego which makes me like him even more.  Between songs he reached out and shook hands with every fan he could reach.  Except me...  Instead, he jumped off the stage to come give me a big, sweaty, hug!  It seemed very obvious that he sincerely appreciates all of his fans.

photo by Tom Trainer
After the show, my posse and I lingered for a while in hopes of meeting him.  I wanted to tell him that I'm a DJ with my own radio show and I play his music regularly to help promote him.  I had it all rehearsed in my head.  

Then, a woman came up to me and said Mickey requested that I come back-stage!  She lead me past a huge line of people who were wanting to see him.  Keeping in mind that Mickey Avalon has this image of being a sexual deviant, drug enthusiast...I was a little scared where my journey back-stage might actually take me.  When I reached my destination though, Mickey was totally non-threatening and polite.  Also, I was more giggly and air-headed than I expected.  Everything I wanted to say to him totally slipped my mind.  He offered to autograph something for me but I had nothing!  What's a girl to do in this situation???  Whip out a boob of course!  He was very cool about having photos taken too. 
photo by Tom Trainer

Thank you Mickey Avalon for putting on a super groovy show and thank you Grog Shop for providing a totally accessible location to enjoy the show!


  1. I am glad that he was kind to you. That's always a relief when a celebrity is decent to a fan.

  2. I am glad that he was kind to you. That's always a relief when a celebrity is decent to a fan.