Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Agora Theater - Wheelchair Access TBA Post Renovation

Cleveland, Ohio has been the epicenter of numerous and often obscure Adventures of the Gimp Avenger which have involved Drag Queens, Leather Daddies, Pagans, random fetish events, fashion shows, open mic poetry venues, and lots of music related gigs.  After a very long hiatus from Cleveland shenanigans,  last night I took part in another artistic event.  This time I actually got on stage though.

The events leading up to last night's performance are quite interesting...a total result of the ripple in the pond effect.  It started several months ago when I was contacted by Leroy Moore of Krip-Hop Nation, based out of San Fransisco.  He told me about all the work this organization does to educate the mainstream media about Artists with disabilities because too often, their amazing work gets overlooked.  I was so impressed that I had to interview Mr. Moore on my podcast "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE."  During our interview he promoted a funk-hop act in Cleveland called "KOUNTERCLOCKWISE," who's front man is in a wheelchair.  

Since KOUNTERCLOCKWISE is located relatively close to the Gimp Avenger headquarters, I had to check them out for myself.  We became BFF's within minutes!  They honored me with an interview on "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" as well.  The creative fun did not stop there!

When Documentarian Tom Trainer and I realized how diversely talented this crew is, we asked them to help arrange the soundtrack for "Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY."  They agreed!  Since we've started working together, we just do what ever we can to help support and promote not only our collective projects but our independent projects too...because that is what friends do.  So, when they asked me to perform with them at the 'ONCE AGAIN THROWBACK SHOWCASE,' I was absolutely on board!  Completely clueless yet ready and willing to help my pals out in any way that I could...even if it meant prancing around on stage in fishnets behaving inappropriately.  

The cherry on top part of this deliciously fun event was seeing old friends from a previous open-mic poetry venue I used to attend many years ago at the Kamikaze Coffee House, sponsored by the former entertainment group known as CHIEF ROCKA ENTERTAINMENT.  It was wonderful seeing these artists staying true to their craft after all these years and shining like the stars that they are; Gwen Maul, Eriq Troi, FrostByte King, and George Lee II.

Venues change and people's lives shape-shift but regardless of time, space, obvious and less obvious differences...real friends are always friends and I have the best of the best!  It is my hope that we all continue to support each other in all of our creative endeavors because the Universe holds enough prosperity for us all.  Peace!  
Jane Hash, Simon Illa, KOUNTERCLOCKWISE photo by Tom Trainer