Monday, March 25, 2013

Who is The Gimp Avenger?

Dear Readers,

This Blog has been up and active for almost two years now.  In that time, I have posted about an exceptionally wide variety of topics.  According to some of the emails and comments I've received from my dedicated fans/supporters, I have piqued people's interest in regard to what kind of person I am in real life.  Soon, you will all have an opportunity to find out!  "Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" is a documentary film about me, directed and produced by Tom Trainer of Alternative Noise Productions.  

In this film, many of your questions will be answered and possibly replaced with new questions!  For up-to-date details on film festivals, promotional give-aways, premier dates, and release dates go to the "Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" website.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well...details are on the website!


Jane Hash (The Gimp Avenger)

A film by Tom Trainer

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