Sunday, May 26, 2013

Handicap Parking Spots Are Not Storage Areas

Handicap Parking in Kent, Ohio
Downtown Kent, Ohio, is going through some major changes that include sidewalk repairs, ADA compliant cross-walks, a new parking garage and several new restaurants and shops.  Thus far, I've been rather excited about these upgrades.

Construction is not yet complete downtown which is why there is often a pile of building materials and/or equipment stashed here and there on the weekends.  Progress can be a little messy sometimes.  I don't see this as an issue...well, not until today I didn't.

My significant other and I attempted to have dinner downtown today but our plan didn't quite work out.  Although there are several parking spots downtown, plus a parking garage, "handicap parking" places are scarce.  The one I generally use was occupied, but not by another person with a disability.  It is currently being used as a temporary storage area for building materials and equipment.  That's really not acceptable.  As if this isn't upsetting enough, it looks like my favorite of the new restaurants is about to be totally inaccessible to wheelchair users because of a patio enclosure that is being constructed.  

Kent, Ohio...I really do love you.  Please work on being more accommodating and welcoming to your residents with disabilities.  I am happy to help in any way that I can.

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