Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jane Hash aka The Gimp Avenger Meets Director, Oliver Stone

Memorial for students slain by National Guard at KSU in 1970
At Kent State University in 1970, the US National Guard opened fire on a group of student protesters on campus.  Nine were injured and four were killed.  I went to the 43rd annual memorial at KSU today and sat for a few moments at each of the four spots which marked where the student's dead bodies were found.  As I sat there, I reflected upon all the controversial things I've accomplished, including protesting on more than one occasion.  I am grateful that thus far I have survived each incident fairly unscathed yet, I am aware that being the "Gimp Avenger" comes with many potential risks.

Director, Oliver Stone with Jane Hash
Today KSU dedicated its new "May 4 Visitors Center" to commemorate this historical event.  Director/Producer, Oliver Stone participated in this dedication and offered some inspiring words of wisdom.  He said that protests DO work and nothing will change unless we make it change.  Stone encouraged everyone to see through the false media and BECOME the media by writing blogs and reporting the truth as you see it unfold.  My sentiments exactly!

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