Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Saw the Sign

While waiting for my settlement money to become available…

It was winter in northeast Ohio. I am a wheelchair user who cannot stand or walk at all. It was time to go house shopping. Individually, these are not horrible things. All rolled together though, seemed like a formula for disaster.

The night before this adventure, I had a conversation with the Universe. I asked to be shown a sign if/when I entered the house that is best suited for me because I did not want to drag this process out all winter. Who ever coined the phrase “Ask and you shall receive” was not joking. I only ended up looking at two houses. The first thing I noticed upon entering the second house, was a huge (nearly 3 square foot) Pentagram painted on the wall. I was in such shock that I just kept saying “My sign. That’s my sign.” Then I started laughing because it was such a LARGE, almost ridiculous sign. My realtor probably thought I was nutso.

So, I made an offer and it was accepted. I just had two little blips on my credit to clean up before the process could move forward. The first blip was an easy one. It was just an old phone bill I had forgotten about after a previous move. The second blip was a mystery though. After almost 30 days of making phone calls to find out what blip #2 was, I got a call back. The call was from Discover, telling me that they had to dig through the “archives” to find my outstanding $10,000 debt!! I was totally stunned. After doing some research of my own, I figured out how this happened.

In my twenties, I had some caregivers who were not honorable people. On a couple occasions I was coerced into getting these caregivers cash-advances on my credit card. They promised to pay off the debt. I was young, scared, and half believed them. They never paid it and I have no proof of any of it.

Fortunately, a friend who is a lawyer, was able to negotiate the debt down to $3,000 and I paid it. The story doesn’t end there though…


Caregivers are not always people who enjoy helping others. Too often they are criminal minded folks who have found an easy target. Since the above experience, I was ripped off a few more times by other caregivers.

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