Sunday, September 9, 2012

"HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" featuring Teal Sherer of "MY GIMPY LIFE"

As the hostess of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" I have interviewed numerous interesting and successful people with disabilities who are breaking stereotypes in all that they do.  Among the ranks of previous guests are authors, dancers, activists, educators, musicians, and now an actress!  

Teal Sherer is an L.A. based actress who has blond hair, a pretty face and a nice big set of wheels that get her where she needs to go.  No, she's not one of those lady's in that docudrama on The Sundance Channel.  Instead, she is the star of her very own show called "My Gimpy Life!"  It is a hilarious TV show about real trials and tribulations of being a woman wheelchair user.  Until a major network realizes that Teal Sherer is an extremely talented Actress who's show has  limitless potential, "My Gimpy Life" can be found on YouTube.  

In our very candid interview, Teal and I discuss how she came to be a wheelchair user, how a healthy sense of humor helped her accept her new reality, and the future of "My Gimpy Life."  

During this episode I poke a little fun at our wheelie sisters on The Sundance Channel but it's all in good humor.  Part of celebrating our diversity is being able to laugh at ourselves...or, I'm just a snarky bitch.  You decide!  

The podcast episode of "HASH IT OUT WITH JANE" featuring my interview with Teal Sherer will be uploaded on Monday, September 17th.  

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